The Lost Year Pt3: Ennerdale

Position, 5th, 86 finishers. 04h 24m 38s
Total Distance: 50km (approx. 31miles)
Total Ascent: approx. 700m (approx. 2300ft)

While not a race with a considerable amount of climbing or distance I thought it enough. This considering I was still supposed to be watching for signs of long-term concussion after my head-injury in California where a piece of basalt cut through my scalp and grazed my skull.

In the end I was generally pleased. And again confronted by the idea that I could do better IF I was more consistent with my running/training. It comes down to two aspects.

At the core of it I’m a dreamer.
I can imagine worlds that will never exist. I can see myself as running wild. Through woods. On trials. Ever upwards. Scree. Mountain slopes. To the top. I can envisage myself achieving these things. And to a certain extent I run to achieve this. But “things” often get in the way. That, and I make excuses. I don’t like where I’m running, it’s too flat, etc.

So despite this why did I come in where I did.

Because I’m also bloody-minded and competitive.
Yeah I was never going to win (Ricky Lightfoot – some sort of international level individual) but I believed I could compete. So I tried to catch up to the next person and came in where I did.

Now this year I would like to race in a number of events.
I will train and in my mind I’ll be a triumphant egomaniac.
In reality….


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